I Got Sex at Comic-Con: A Fanboy Comic Book Geek's Move from Nerd Loser to Player【電子書籍】[ David Banner ]

I Got Sex at Comic-Con: A Fanboy Comic Book Geek's Move from Nerd Loser to Player【電子書籍】[ David Banner ] I Got Sex at Comic-Con: A Fanboy Comic Book Geek's Move from Nerd Loser to Player【電子書籍】[ David Banner ] I Got Sex at Comic-Con: A Fanboy Comic Book Geek's Move from Nerd Loser to Player【電子書籍】[ David Banner ]

<p>Geeks and chicks go together like Clark Kent and Kryptonite.</p> <p>I'm a geek. And until this past Comic-Con, I was a typical, loser, fanboy, geeky, super-virgin.</p> <p>This is my story. It works on many levels, but it WORKS. This will work for you too. Because this is my story of how I went from zero to hero and I wrote it like a textbook for you.</p> <p>* You will stop watching the jerks get the skirts!<br /> * You will learn to light the fires that She desires!<br /> * You will not stumble, but instead you'll tumble into situations where the ladies want you and yes, even in the midst of jocks and jerks all around you!</p> <p>I tell my pitiful story first of how awkward I was at the ripe age of 18 not having ever had a real date. I go into the horrid details because I have met too many men who in reality were just weak boys like me. Boys who only fantasize about being men so we dive into fictional lands instead of into real girls' heads and beds.</p> <p>Once I show you that I am your mirror image...</p> <p>After I go into gory detail how painful the thought of asking a female out on a date was...</p> <p>I describe that fateful night at Carlos's Pizza where my best friend George introduced me to being a real man. An Alpha Man. And George was far worse than me before.</p> <p>My question as I gobbled my pizza was this: "George, man, why don't I ever see you? I know we don't have classes together now but we never had to work so hard to get together!"</p> <p>George replied: "I've been dating way too much to hang out with you and I'm sorry. I need to stop going out with so many skirts so we can spend more time together."</p> <p>My world was shaken to its core with that answer. As the night progressed, I learned everything I thought I knew about women was a lie. And everything I knew about George would not be the same again.</p> <p>George had just told me why he had no time to spend with me. Geeky, loser, George. George was getting laid.</p> <p>I was staring at my friend George... but looking at a god.</p> <p>You Will Be a Player - Fast</p> <p>This is my textbook for you.</p> <p>George taught me how to get women. I mean he REALLY taught me and he's a lousy teacher.</p> <p>I mastered it and took it farther than George ever did. I'm a better teacher too.</p> <p>Admit it. You are as lonely as I was -- surrounded by lots of graphic novels on your bed, and Friday nights are spent in role-playing fantasy games with buddies. Not only have you never gotten to third base with a girl you maybe haven't even kissed one if your mother and aunts don't count... and they don't.</p> <p>I'm going to make you a stud. Yes, this is not a joke and not a fib.</p> <p>If you have no idea how to talk to women, I am going to show you:</p> <p>* How to approach them<br /> * Where to stand<br /> * What to say<br /> * How to say it</p> <p>You won't have to think. As a matter of fact, thinking is your primary problem with females. I'm going to program you like JavaScript code.</p> <p>You won't stutter and you won't falter because you will know exactly step 1, step 2, and so on. It doesn't matter what she says in response, you stick to the program and you get the girl.</p> <p>This Only Works on the Hotties</p> <p>And the best part? You know the girls you settled for, the 4's and 5's that were STILL too good for you to ask out? All this material doesn't work on them. I am proof. This training you are about to embark on works ONLY on the 9's, 9.5's and mostly on the 10's. Women light-years from possible.</p> <p>I'm not exaggerating. I'm not lying. I feel your pain buddy.</p> <p>I'm sick and tired of the jerks getting the women. It's time the Nice Guys learned what buttons to push on a babe's attraction dashboard.</p> <p>You're going to wish I'd written this long before now. But you will be forever grateful.</p> <p>If I had this book, I could have gotten laid much sooner than I did.</p> <p>But this is the story of me, what George taught me, me teaching you, and then it culminates into my time a few months ago at Comic-Con when in under 8 months I went from fanboy loser to winner with the most astounding girl I ever laid eyes on.</p> <p>It can happen to you too.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。


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